Nashua Community Concert Association

2002–2003 Concert Season

The 72nd Consecutive Concert Season

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Vanaver Caravan – Sat, Nov 16, 2002
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Pastures of Plenty:
Woody Guthrie in Dance and Music

Woody Guthrie’s legacy reveals a startling array of songs, lyrics, writings, and drawings, reflecting a life of great hardships tempered by a fearless hope in humanity.

The Vanaver Caravan Musicians and Dancers are known throughout the United States and Europe for their down-home spirit and innovative, high-powered performances. In Pastures of Plenty, they illuminate Woody’s songs with fresh interpretations and masterful musicianship. An explosion of movement, using fast-paced, hard-driving clog dancing, square dance innovations, and other dances derived from American traditions, animates the stage.

Piano 4 – Sat, Dec 28, 2002
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Piano 4 was formed in tribute to the First Piano Quartet (FPQ), a classic four piano ensemble of radio fame in the 1940’s and 1950’s.

To satisfy the need for new arrangements weekly, the FPQ created over 400 adaptations, arrangements and original compositions. Piano Productions Inc. (PPI), the producer of Piano 4, a quartet of the larger Grand Piano Orchestra, has recently acquired all 400+ scores. Archived and un-played for 50 years, these spectacular adaptations include virtually every popular orchestra and piano piece of the period. Original works included nine "Classical Cocktails" -ingenious medleys of familiar tunes featuring rippling arpeggios, thunderous octaves and dazzling finger work. Piano 4 re-creates many of these historical motifs for its own exclusive use.

Mr. Jack Daniel’s Original Silver Cornet Band – Sun, Jan 19, 2003
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Touring the United States since 1978, Mr. Jack Daniel’s Original Silver Cornet Band brings vividly to life the sights and sounds of a vanished era in American musical history via a 12-piece band of Tennessee musicians dedicated to playing the music of the Small Town Bands of over half a century ago.

Someone has said, "When Mr. Jack Daniel’s Original Silver Cornet Band performs, it’s more than just a concert. It’s like the whole town of Lynchburg comes to call." And that’s true. The moment the spidery white gazebo and the homey Tennessee front porch rocking chair appear on your stage, the magic begins. Turn-of-the-century Lynchburg, Tennessee seems to amble in, settle down, and spin a time-warping spell on your senses.

Robert Bonfiglio – Sat, Feb 22, 2003
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Robert Bonfiglio As a truly unique artist gifted with extraordinary lyrical expression, harmonica virtuoso Robert Bonfiglio (pronounced “Bone-feel-e-oh”) has taken an instrument known to all and elevated it to new heights. Bonfiglio’s singular ability to perform as a classical virtuoso with symphony orchestras, breathe life into pop music, and play the blues have earned him extraordinarily high critical praise. The Boston Globe raved, calling him “A master of the harmonica [whose] playing is something you have to hear to believe – you wouldn’t have thought it possible,” while the Newark Star-Ledger noted “Bonfiglio is a stunning musician by any measure” and the Los Angeles Times simply described him as “The Paganini of the harmonica.”

Elisabeth von Trapp – Tues, Mar 11, 2003
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The performances of singer/songwriter Elisabeth von Trapp, granddaughter of the legendary Maria and Georg von Trapp, are not only a tribute to the strong heritage of her renowned family name, but more so an evolutionary ladder to the rebirth of heart and soul in music. Acclaimed by audiences and critics alike for the magical gift her voice imparts, together with elegant arrangements for cello, keyboard and guitar, her performances take us on a journey of timelessness and hope. Her style is a rare culmination of the eras of her rich life, from the folk of the Austrian hills to the classical in which she trained to the music of the Beatles, Rolling Stones and Pete Seeger that dominated her adolescent years.

Wood's Tea Company – Tues, May 6, 2003
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A Hearty Blend of Maritime, American & Celtic Folk Music, Wood's Tea Company, is a musical group that defies categorization. They perform bluegrass, Celtic tunes, sea chanties, and folk songs with an equal ease and skill. In concert, the Vermont-based group draws on a wide variety of musical experience and expression. They employ as many as a dozen different instruments from banjos, bezoukis, bodhrans, guitars and tin whistles.
Folk Music Quarterly described them as "one of the 10 hottest up and coming acts," adding "side stepping pretension and going for the grit, this New England group gives a lusty performance every time."