The 2006 – 2007 Concert Season!

76 years and still going strong!

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Puttin' On The Hitz! – Tue, Sept 26, 2006 – 8:00 PM
Puttin' on the Hitz! Puttin' on the Hitz! is a musical journey featuring the best of the 1200+ songs written in the lifetime of Irving Berlin, spanning more than 100 years. Go steppin' out with our dynamic cast of eight singer/dancers plus a quartet of the finest jazz musicians as they put on their top hat, white tie and tails underneath the stars of a Manhattan skyline. With scintillating choreography, spectacular scenery and sophisticated costumes, there's no business like show business!
Berlin began his career in the early 1900's, and his first big hit, "Alexander's Ragtime Band" personified a music era. He wrote some of the most well-known popular music hits like "Steppin' Out" and "Puttin' on the Ritz" until he got his big break on Broadway. He wrote the score for many Broadway musicals including This Is The Army and Annie Get Your Gun, plus songs for several movie musical classics like Easter Parade and Holiday Inn. Irving Berlin also wrote some of the greatest and most treasured songs of the twentieth century. "White Christmas" is one of the most recorded songs in music history and "God Bless America" is a beloved unofficial U.S. national anthem.

"Irving Berlin has no place in American music. He IS American music."
— Jerome Kern

Eric Himy, Pianist – Fri, Oct 20, 2006 – 8:00 PM

Click on this image to go to the Eric Himy's web site The compelling artistry of Eric Himy has intrigued audiences on five continents. He began studying piano at age six, and has gone on to win numerous awards, including a Gold Medal at the World Piano Competition in Cincinnati, the Kosciuszko Chopin Prize in New York, and top honors in the 1991 Milosz Magin International Competition in Paris. He has performed in many renowned venues, including The Lincoln Center, Carnegie Recital Hall and Salle Gaveau in Paris, and has played with celebrated conductors, among them Baudo, Bergman and Koering.
After studying biochemistry and music at the University of Maryland, Mr. Himy received a Master of Music degree from Juilliard. He has led numerous masterclasses at Princeton, at the Universities of Texas, Utah, and Virginia, and the Evrons Conservatoire in France. Recently, he was chosen to inaugurate the new Mason & Hamlin CC–94 Concert Grand. In his private studio, he teaches on a 100–year–old Concert Grand Steinway, upon which Rachmaninov once played! Come see why the New York Times called Eric Himy "… flawless, elegant and brilliant."

"Enchanting… Mr. Himy matched the sense of sophistication, boldness and unequaled genius inherent in Ravel's music and left no doubt of his musical prowess."
— The Washington Post

Bay Street Brassworks – Thu, Nov 16, 2006 – 8:00 PM

Click on this image to go to the Bay Street Brassworks web site Bay Street Brassworks is fast becoming one of America's busiest brass ensembles. Among numerous awards, they received first prize at the 2003 New York Brass Conference Brass Quintet Competition, and two Career Development grants from the Peabody Conservatory.
Bay Street Brassworks performs pieces from a variety of genres, including classical, show tunes, Dixieland, rock, movie songs, and numerous compositions penned by the group's own members. This wide range of musical scope has resulted in an equally wide variety of engagements, including the opening ceremonies at Baltimore Orioles baseball games.

"Bay Street Brassworks' cheerful performance is testimony to the success of the Serenades program… The quintet's presentations were informal, friendly, and energetic — and projected the pleasures of collaboration. Children on the lawn danced and conducted."
— Joan Reinthaler, Washington Post, 2002

Time For Three – Sat, Jan 6, 2007 – 8:00 PM

Click on this image to go to the Time For Three web site Time for Three is a charismatic ensemble with limitless enthusiasm and zero musical boundaries. Founding members, violinists Zachary DePue and Nicolas Kendall and double bassist, Ranaan Meyer, met at the Curtis Institute of Music. Zach and Nick had already discovered a love of bluegrass "fiddlings ", when Ranaan joined them, mixing in a deep comprehension of jazz and improvisation. The pre–established understanding of Hungarian and Spanish gypsy styles of all three provided the shared ground upon which these artists could experiment with a nontraditional blend of styles.

"Time For Three is the future of music. Simply put, they're a knockout!"
— Simon Rattle, conductor

"To hear these three young guys is to be thankful that music was invented."
— Paul Newman, actor

Great China Acrobats – Wed, Mar 28, 2007 – 8:00 PM

the Great China Acrobats The Great China Acrobats leave audiences in awe with incredible stunts and amazing feats of strength and balance in this fabulous spectacle. Featuring numerous costumes, 20 performers, and over two hours of entertainment, the Great China Acrobats wow the audiences of today with an art whose traditions date from 500 B.C.
The exotic art of Chinese Acrobatics includes Techniques on Ladder, Contortions with Blankets, Balancing Skill on Trapeze, and Lion and Panda Dance.
The Great China Acrobats bring to you a thrilling presentation of classic Chinese physical art showcased in dramatic lighting, high-energy dance and spectacular costumes. Fast paced and fun, the thoroughly modern production keeps you breathless and on the edge of your seat as it pays tribute to the historic elements of the Chinese people and culture. This unique show is loved by all ages.

The Little Eagles of Siberia – Wed, Apr 4, 2007 – 8:00 PM

The Little Eagles of Siberia From the city of Krasnayarsk, 3000 kilometres east of Moscow, comes an ensemble guaranteed to rekindle human faith in music and youth! The Little Eagles of Siberia is comprised of 24 singers and musicians ranging in age from 11 to 19.
Regularly featuring Siberian works, representative works from other former Russian Republics, and great international classics, their newest program designed by Ludmilla Stebnjkova, founder (1971) and director of the choir, also includes instrumental works for balalaika and accordion (the traditional Russian bayan), as well as polished choral arrangements ranging from Glinka to Gershwin.

"This is more than a concert tour… perhaps the most important part of such a tour is the cultural exchange and goodwill that can be created between the youngsters and the audiences for whom they perform."
— Canadian Impresario, George Zukerman