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Concert Address  Nashua Elm Street Middle School Edmund Keefe Auditorium 117 Elm St Nashua, NH 03060 Concerts Start at 8 PM  Postal Address Nashua Community Concert Association P.O. Box 1563 Nashua, NH 03061–1563 1-603–318–1792 Phone - VoiceMail SUBSCRIBE:​​ © 1998-2017 by Nashua Community  Concert Association Concert Address  Nashua Elm Street Middle School Edmund Keefe Auditorium 117 Elm St Nashua, NH 03060 Concerts Start at 8 PM  Postal Address Nashua Community Concert Association P.O. Box 1563 Nashua, NH 03061–1563 1-603–318–1792 Phone - VoiceMail SUBSCRIBE:​​
1931–1932 Kathryn Meisle – contralto Cherniavsky Brothers – trio Ethel Fox and Allen Jones – soprano and tenor 1933–1934 The New English Singers Toscha Seidel – violinist Wilbur Evans – baritone 1935–1936 Hall Johnson Negro Choir – Leonard DePaur, director Kneisel, Alden, Turner – trio Rosemarie Brancato – soprano 1937–1938 Eugene List – pianist Gaspar Cassado – cellist Barrere Little Symphony Bruna Castagna – contralto 1939–1940 Simon Barer – pianist Jooss Ballet Coolidge String Quartet Lansing Hatfield – baritone 1941–1942 Helen Traubel The Nine O'Clock Opera Company, with John Tyers, baritone Adolph Busch String Quartet Reginald Stewart – pianist 1943–1944 Morley and Gearhart – duo–pianists Charles Kullman – tenor Arthur LeBlanc – violinist 1945–1946 Bartlett and Roberton – duo–pianists Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra Leonard Warren – baritone Foxhole Ballet 1947–1948 John Tyers – baritone Graudan Ensemble John Sebastian Mia Slavenska – dancer Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, with Reginald Stewart, pianist 1949–1950 Walter Cassel – baritone Carroll Glenn – violinist Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, with Fabian Sevitsky Nicole Henriot – pianist 1951–1952 DePaur Chorus Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra Ervin Laszlo 1953–1954 Virtuosi di Roma Menahem Pressler Mac Morgan Ann Maria Ballet 1955–1956 Buffalo Symphony Orchestra Edwin Steffe Alec Templeton 1957–1958 Les Ballet – Jeanine Charrat Concerto Festival Orchestra, with Eugene List, pianist Concertmen Dorothy Maynor 1959–1960 Andre Eglevsky Petit Ballet The Chanticleers Festival Quartet Baltimore Symphony Rosiland Elias 1961–1962 Tipton's Music for Tonight Belafonte Singers Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra Charles Rosen – pianist Yi–Kwei Sze – bass–baritone 1963–1964 Erick Friedman – violinist Koutev Bulgarian Ensemble Zurich Chamber Orchestra The Teltschiks – duo–pianists Camilla Williams – soprano 1965–1966 Beaux Arts Trio Claude Frank – pianist Robert DeCormier Folk Singers Monte Carlo National Orchestra Richard Cross and Doris Yarick – bass–baritone and soprano 1967–1968 Earl Wrightson and Lois Hunt Dorothy Kirsten – soprano French National Dance Company St. Louis Symphony Orchestra Music from Marlboro 1969–1970 William Walker – baritone Prague Chamber Orchestra Danzas Venezuela The Vienna Academy Chorus Earl Wrightson and Lois Hunt 1971–1972 Skitch Henderson and Orchestra Samuel Lipman – pianist Paul Kneutz Chamber Orchestra of Paris Clann Gael – singers, dancers and musicians Richard Tucker – tenor 1973–1974 Ferrante and Teicher – duo–pianists Virgil Fox – organist Virtuosi Di Roma Welsh Choir of Cardiff Veronica Tyler – soprano 1975–1976 George Shearing Quintet Branko Krsmanovich Chorus National Arts Centre Orchestra of Canada Garde Republicaine Band of Paris Endre Balogh – violinist 1977–1978 The Young Americans in West Side Story Franz Liszt Orchestra of Budapest Royal Ballet of Flanders Moscow Chorale Grant and Winn – duo–pianists 1979–1980 Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan H.M.S. Pinafore Munich Chamber Orchestra Jury's Irish Cabaret of Ireland Toccatas and Flourishes – organ and trumpet 1981–1982 Bohemian Virtuosi Icelandic Singers Merry Widow Ballet Fantasio Romeros Quartet – guitar ensemble Max Morath 1983–1984 Steven and Nadya Gordon – duo–pianists Constanza Orchestra Black Light Theatre of Prague Shaw Brothers – folk singers The Glenn Miller Orchestra Regensburg Cathedral Boys Choir 1985–1986 New Irish Chamber Orchestra Mandala Folk Dance Ensemble Beverly Morgan – soprano Keith and Rusty McNeil Preservation Hall Jazz Band of New Orleans The Gondoliers 1987–1988 Sofia Chamber Orchestra Jon Hendricks and Company Saturday Brass New York Ballet Theatre Gathering of the Clans Robert DeCormier Singers 1989–1990 National Folk Ballet of Yugoslavia Dallas Brass Linden Woodwind Quintet Belgrade Festival Strings Boys Choir of Harlem Mac Frampton Trio 1991–1992 Vienna Strauss Ensemble Hambro Quartet of Pianos Mostly Duke, a salute to Duke Ellington DRUZHBA, Soviet Folk Dancers Munich Chamber Orchestra New York Sextet – vocal 1993–1994 Hector Olivera – organ Dance Through Time Dale Warland Singers The Brothers Four A Broadway Celebration Greater Boston Youth Symphony 1995–1996 Vivaldi Orchestra of Moscow Gran Folklorico de Mexico Tommy Dorsey Orchestra Wiffenpoofs of Yale University Epic Brass, with matinee for students John Bayless – pianist 1997–1998 Sherry Overholt and Lee Velta – soprano and baritone Aram Basmadjian– organ Markham and Broadway – duo–pianists Russian Seasons Dance Company The Side Street Strutters Jazz Band Metamorphosen Chamber Orchestra 1999–2000 Tribute to a Century Festival of Four The Chinese Golden Dragon Acrobats Robert Trentham – tenor Katia Skanavi – pianist River City Brass Band 2001–2002 Three Mo' Tenors Pasadena Roof Orchestra Tony Kenny's Ireland (formerly Jury's Irish Cabaret) Yoon and Min Kwan – piano & violin Manhattan Rhythm Kings New Century Saxophone Quartet 2003–2004 I Get A Kick Out of Cole – musicians & dancers Mark Twain & the Laughing River Paratore Brothers – duo–pianists Strauss Damenkappelle of Vienna Joffrey Ensemble Dancers Hudson Shad – male vocal quintet 2005–2006 Russian State Chorus Nathan Granner & Lisa Williamson Earl Rose's Classic Broadway River City Ramblers Festival of Four The Pied Pipers The Shaw Brothers – bonus presentation 2007–2008 On Broadway! – musicians & dancers The Limeliters – legendary folk trio Southern Rail – bluegrass – bonus presentation Fiesta Folklorico – Latin music / mariachi The Harry James Orchestra Revolution – Beatles tribute Quattrocelli– cello quartet 2009–2010 Presidio Brass – brass quintet Red Hot Hollywood – stage tribute to Hollywood Daniel Rodriguez – tenor Hunt Family Fiddlers – family of fiddlers and step dancers Nearly Neil and the Solitary Band – Tribute to Neil Diamond Rudolf Budginas – pianist 2011–2012 The Four Aces The American Spirit – Stage Tribute to Spirit through History The American Tenors – Three Tenors The Spanish Brass – Brass Quintet Anita Chen – Solo Pianist and Solo Violinist Chinese Acrobats of Hebei 2013–2014 Back on Broadway – stage show, singers & dancers The Diamonds – vocal quartet Jesse Lynch's Jazz 101 – jazz trio DePue Brothers Band – bluegrass, classical, and rock Dale Gonyea – pianist, humorist Yang & Olivia Liu – violinist and pianist 2015–2016  The Wonderful Wizard of Song – The Life and Songs of Harold Arlen – stage show, singers & dancers Alpin Hong – pianist The Windham Swing Band – 18 piece big band New England Brass – Brass chamber group Bandstand Boogie featuring The Diamonds – Rock 'n' roll legends The young Irelanders – Irish traditional music, song & dance 2017–2018 The Four Freshmen - Vocal Quartet Tony Pace -Vocal Entertainer Assisted Living: The Musical -Vaudeville Comedy The Gibson Brothers - Bluegrass Band The 3 Redneck Tenors - Vocal Tenors Jazz First - Local Nashua Jazz Group 2019-2020 Celtic Angels - Celtic Folk Neave Trio - Classical and Romantic eras Tajci - Pop, jazz, country and spiritual Judy Pancoast - Tribute to the Carpenters 2021–2022 Jozay and Patti - Pop Vocalists The Abletones - Big Band Era  Thomas Pandolfi - Pianist Holy Rocka Rollaz - ‘50’S Rock’n Roll
Past Nashua Community Concerts
1932–1933 Harold Bauer – pianist Dino Borgioli – tenor Barrere, Salzedo, Britt – flute, harp and cello 1934–1935 Malcolm and Godden – duo–pianists Carola Goya – dancer Frederick Jagel – tenor 1936–1937 Richard Crooks Ruggiero Ricci – violinist Fowler and Tamara – dancers 1938–1939 Bidu Sayao – soprano Mischa Elman – violinist Carola Goya – dancer 1940–1941 Paul Robeson – baritone General Platoff Don Cossacks Albert Spaulding – violinist 1942–1943 Igor Gorin – baritone Maria Gambarelli – dancer Trapp Family Choir 1944–1945 Jesus Sanroma – pianist Mia Slavenska – dancer Jane Watson – contralto 1946–1947 Columbia Opera Quartet Rochester Symphony Orchestra John Sebastian William Primrose – violinist 1948–1949 Maria Svetlova Camilla Williams – soprano Philharmonic Piano Quartet Columbia Philharmonic Orchestra 1950–1951 Maryka Jonas Baltimore Symphony Leopold Simoneau Columbus Boychoir 1952–1953 Buffalo Symphony Orchestra, with Istomin, pianist Aldo Parisot – cellist The Angelaires – harp ensemble Chloe Owen – soprano 1954–1955 Longine Symphonie DeLa Fuente and Stessin Conchita Gaston 1956–1957 Margery MacKay Beaux Arts Trio Tucson Boys Longine Symphonie 1958–1959 James Milligan Vienna Boys Choir New Orleans Symphony Zvi Zeitlin – violinist Whittemore and Lowe – pianists 1960–1961 Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra Branko Krsmanovitch Chorus Claude Frank – pianist Cassado and Hara Bel Canto Trio 1962–1963 Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra Charles K. L. Davis Paganinin Quartet Cameo Opera Jorge Bolet 1964–1965 Mantovani and His Orchestra Jerome Hines First Chamber Dance Quartet Paganini Quartet David Bar–Illan – pianist 1966–1967 Copenhagen String Quartet Ronald and Jeffrey Marlowe – duo–pianists James Oliver Buswell IV – violinist The Robert Shaw Chorale Robert Merrill – baritone 1968–1969 Amin Feres – bass–baritone Norman Luboff Choir Ruth Page's International Ballet Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra Lilian Kallir – pianist 1970–1971 Regis Pasquier – violinist Bayanihan Philippine Dance Company William Warfield – baritone Jean–Paul Sevilla – pianist Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra 1972–1973 Dancers of Mali Stephanie Chase – violinist Lilian Kallir – pianist The Young Americans Angelicum Orchestra of Milan 1974–1975 Warsaw National Orchestra Hungarian Folk Ballet New Christie Minstrels Alan Titus – baritone Longstreth and Escosa – duo–harpists 1976–1977 Staffan Scheja – pianist Preservation Hall Jazz Band of New Orleans Galina Vishnevskaya – soprano Canadian Opera Company – La Boheme Prague Chamber Orchestra, with Hans–Richter Haaser, pianist 1978–1979 The King's Singers Johann Strauss – Die Fledermaus Wilnus Chamber Orchestra of Lithuania National Folk Ballet of Mexico Peter Nero – pianist 1980–1981 Rostal and Schaefer – duo–pianists California Boys Choir Tamburitzan Folk Ensemble The Young Americans John Alexander and William Walker – tenor and baritone 1982–1983 New York Vocal Arts Ensemble Orchestra Philharmique de France Scandiafestival Jack Daniels Veri and Jamanis Pinkerton and Chassman 1984–1985 Aman International Folk Ensemble Llords' International – marionettes Gregg Smith Singers A. Woodley – bass–baritone Big Band Cavalcade Mainz Chamber Orchestra 1986–1987 Hambro Quartet of Pianos Canterbury Trio – violin, cello, and piano, with David Jolley, French horn Ballet de France Manhattan Rhythm Kings Danny Davis and the Nashville Brass Chanticleer – male double quartet 1988–1989 Rondo Chamber Orchestra Shaw/Smith Folk Singers Pamela South – soprano Ballroom Dance Theatre Big Band Classic McLaughlin and Marx 1990–1991 Shanghai Acrobats and Imperial Warriors of the Peking Opera Branko Krsmanovich Chorus of Yugoslavia Benny Goodman Tradition Irving Berlin Century Anthony and Joseph Paratore – duo–pianists Jack and Sally Jenkins – On Broadway Toccatas and Flourishes – organ and trumpet 1992–1993 Robert Bonfiglio Ensemble – harmonica Rondo Chamber Orchestra Frank Patterson – tenor Pasadena Roof Orchestra Dallas Brass Crescent City Jazz Band 1994–1995 An Evening of Porter and Berlin London Piano Duo Monumental Brass Quintet New York Theatre Ballet Riverboat Ragtime Review Russian State Chorus 1996–1997 The Little Eagles of Siberia Jubilant Sykes and Alan Chow – baritone and piano Rhythm in Shoes The Moscow Balalaikas Dale Gonyea – piano comedy Presidential Symphony Orchestra of Turkey 1998–1999 The Judy Carmichael Quintet – jazz pianist The Black Mountain Male Chorus of Wales Rajko Song and Dance Ensemble Quartetto Gelato Jan Gottlieb Jiracek – pianist Lainie Nelson: The White Cliffs of Dover 2000–2001 Birth of the Beat Elmer Iseler Singers Paragon Ragtime Orchestra The Limeliters Philadelphia Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra Kurt Ollmann – baritone (in place of Rodrick Dixon) 2002–2003 Vanaver Caravan – musicians & dancers Piano 4 – piano quartet Mr. Jack Daniels Original Silver Cornet Band Robert Bonfiglio – harmonica & ensemble Elisabeth Von Trapp – singer/songwriter Wood's Tea Company – Maritime, American & Celtic folk music 2004–2005 One Enchanted Evening – musicians & dancers The Montana Mandolin Society The Artie Shaw Orchestra Alpin Hong – pianist The Cassidys Westwind Brass Quintet 2006–2007 Puttin' on the Hitz! – musicians & dancers Eric Himy – pianist Bay Street Brassworks Time for Three – string trio Great China Acrobats The Little Eagles of Siberia An Evening of Love with The Opera Circle™ 2008–2009 New York Theatre Ballet – Prokofiev‘s Cinderella Pavlo – Greek Canadian guitar&ist & singer Everett Longstreth's Big–Band & Amanda Carr – A Tribute to Benny Goodman & Peggy Lee Pianafiddle – piano & fiddle Revels Repertory Company – An American Journey Nikolai Massenkoff – Massenkoff Russian Folk Festival Side Street Strutters – New Orleans jazz 2010–2011 Celtic Blaze – music and dance Barbra and Frank – "The Concert That Never Was" – Streisand and Sinatra The Great American Songbook – a Century of American Music The Artie Shaw Orchestra – big band of the Swing Era Alpin Hong – pianist Bronn and Katherine Journey – harpist 2012–2013 Broadway Today! – stage show, singers & dancers Yana Reznik – concert pianist Alice Tan Ridley – gospel and R&B singer Side Street Strutters – jazz band and singer Prima Trio – piano, clarinet, violin/viola chamber trio Redhead Express – an American Roots Show presented by the Walker Family 2014–2015 The Sicilian Tenors – songs from Broadway to Hollywood to Italy Top NH Talent – four highly talented groups from New Hampshire Paul McDermand – Caribbean, jazz and pop on steel drum and marimba Jose and Patti – guitarist and singer "Simply Sinatra" – Steve Lippa and swing band Frank Sinatra tribute Hector Olivera – organ – classical and popular music 2016–2017 The Kat Trio - Unique Russian timeless melodies and feature classical works Frederick Moyer - Concert pianist, incorporates technology into his concerts Next Generation Leahy - High–energy, infectious Celtic–based music Jim Witter - The Songs of Barry Manilow Kubeccca - Broadway, pops, country and classical tunes Equinox Little Big Band – Putting their own stamp on the Great American Songbook 2018–2019 Maureen McGovern - Vocalist Five Sax - Saxphone Group The Malpass Brothers - Country Music Veronica Robles Mariachi Band Ronan Tynan - Soloist Pop! Go The Classics - Pop & Jazz 2020–2021  Virtual Concert - At Your Home For the Holiday’s
Concert Address  Nashua Elm Street Middle School Edmund Keefe Auditorium 117 Elm St Nashua, NH 03060 Postal Address Nashua Community Concert Association P.O. Box 1563 Nashua, NH 03061–1563 © 1998-2018 by Nashua Community  Concert Association Concert Address  Nashua Elm Street Middle School Edmund Keefe Auditorium 117 Elm St Nashua, NH 03060 Postal Address Nashua Community Concert Association P.O. Box 1563 Nashua, NH 03061–1563 1-603–318–1792 Phone - VoiceMail Concert Address   Postal Address Nashua Community Concert Association P.O. Box 1563 Nashua, NH 03061–1563 © 1998-2023 by Nashua Community  Concert Association Concert Address  Nashua North High School 8 Titan Way Nashua, NH 03063 Postal Address Nashua Community Concert Association P.O. Box 1563 Nashua, NH 03061–1563  1-603–318–1792 Phone - VoiceMail
Nashua Community Concerts will be held in accordance with the Current COVID Rules In Effect for the Nashua School District and the State of NH.
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