Nashua Community Concert Association

Contact Information

For information about joining the Nashua Community Concert Association, contact our membership secretary, Mary Sayre, at

Nashua Community Concert Association
P.O. Box 1563
Nashua, NH 03061–1563
Telephone: 603–318–1792

If you are interested in becoming active in the Nashua Community Concert Asssociation please send an email to or call 603–318–1792. Our organization consists entirely of volunteers and new volunteers are always welcome. And — those who serve as a worker, soliciting memberships, have the opportunity to earn their membership.

Current Officers

Calvin Knickerbocker, President
Roberta Woitkowski, Vice-President
Pam Banks, Corresponding Secretary
Susan Psaledakis, Recording Secretary
Mary E. Sayre, Membership Secretary
William Doll, Treasurer
L. Gail Cote, Assistant Treasurer
Carol Handy, Campaign Chairman
Beth Bartlett, Concert Manager