History of the Nashua Community Concert Association

The Nashua Community Concert Association began with the 1931–1932 season under the leadership of its first president, Sarah Mercer. The first series consisted of three all-classical concerts, and the subscription prices were $5.00 for adults and $3.00 for children.

On the occasion of the association's 50th anniversay, Marilyn Solomon wrote in the April 5, 1980 edition of the Nashua Telegraph...

It was on the bitter cold night of Jan. 13, 1931, when Dr. W. H. Weston, temporary chairman presided at the session held at the YWCA building on Temple Street. With so few in attendance, it seemed useless to continue, so the meeting was postponed with the hope that it was the weather and not a lack of interest in music that prompted the poor turnout.
Ten days later a strong showing of music lovers, waiving signatures of scores of enthusiastic Nashuans, gathered. The support was there after all. The group set about laying the groundwork for what was to become a community institution and the vehicle for bringing hundreds of the world's finest talents before Nashua audiences.
In June at the meeting to kick off the first membership drive, more than 100 workers crowded into the YWCA to hear Dr. Sigmund Spaeth, a music critic and a director of the national Community Concert organization, outline objectives. Mayor William F. Sullivan bought the first membership and within 6 days the campaign overshot its goal of 500 members.

The Association has presented a season continuously since that first one, and at present time offers five or six concerts, usually of mixed classical and light classical, dance and other variety of programs.

The Nashua Community Concert Association has presented many famous performers over the years. Some names from earlier seasons will probably be familiar to you today. Richard Tucker, Robert Merrill, and Dorothy Kirsten, all Metropolitan Opera stars, as well as the Trapp Family Singers of "Sound of Music" fame, have performed for Nashua Community Concerts audiences.
Our Archives page lists every performance we have presented over the years. Take a look and see how many names you recognize!